Serum or Night Cream: Which is better?

Serum o Crema de Noche ¿Qué es mejor?

What is the difference between Night Repair Serum and Night Cream?

Night repair serum and night cream are two types of skin care products that are used in a complementary way and have different functions.

On the one hand, the Brudy Cosmetics Night Repair Serum is a facial care product that offers a complete solution for multiple skin problems due to its high concentration of active ingredients. It has a light texture, and is ideal to apply before your night moisturizer. The serum is effective in combating oxidation and premature aging of the skin, softening the appearance of wrinkles, expression lines and dark spots. In addition, to treat irritated, dry skin, with redness or discomfort caused by mild acne and sun exposure.

On the other hand, the Brudy Cosmetics Night Cream It is a less concentrated but nutrient-rich skin care product with a moisturizing and skin regenerating function that acts during sleeping hours.

Both serum and night cream are designed to repair the skin overnight, while helping to combat the signs of aging and cellular oxidation thanks to the antioxidant and anti-aging action of our star ingredient, DHA Algatrium. Consequently, they can be used together to obtain more rested, nourished and

Why do you apply serum and night cream at the end of the day?

During sleep, the skin is in a process of renewal and recovery, and it is at this time that the benefits of cosmetic active ingredients can be fully utilized. Additionally, during sleep, the skin experiences increased blood circulation. This means there is greater blood flow through the blood vessels, which helps transport nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells. When the cells of the
skin receive the nutrients and oxygen they need, they can carry out their functions optimally. For example, they can produce collagen and elastin, two proteins essential for keeping skin firm and elastic, and repairing damage that has occurred throughout the day, such as damage caused by the sun, pollution, and other environmental factors.

What comes first, serum or night cream? What is the order to apply the creams?

At Brudy Cosmetics we recommend applying the serum before the night cream. This is because serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients, which prepares the skin to better absorb the active ingredients in the night cream. (The application is instant or you have to allow time between each one)

Ingredients of the Brudy Cosmetics Night Repair Serum and Night Cream.

    What should my night routine be like for proper facial care?

    The evening skincare routine usually consists of four main steps: cleansing, applying eye contour, serum, and applying a night cream. Each step is detailed below:

     Cleaning: The first step is to cleanse the skin to remove makeup, dirt and excess sebum. This helps prepare the skin to absorb the products that will be applied next. We recommend the use of the Brudy Facial Foam , designed to deeply cleanse the skin, removing traces of makeup, environmental pollution and excess sebum, without causing dryness or irritation.

     Eye contour application: With clean skin: ALWAYS apply the product to the skin around the eyes or periocular area, avoiding any contact with the inside of the eye and the tear duct.
    1. To drain fluid retention and reduce bags, apply the product with your ring finger using light touches and then perform a gentle circular massage in the opposite direction around the eye.

    2. To treat dark circles and wrinkles (crow's feet), apply the product in the same way and then perform a gentle circular massage from the lower area of ​​the tear duct towards the corner of the eye and returning to the starting point.

     Serum application: Once the skin is clean and dry, the serum is applied. To do this, take a small amount in your hands and gently distribute it all over your face, avoiding the eye area. It is important to ensure that it covers the entire surface of the skin, but without using an excessive amount. It can also be worn on the neck and décolleté, if desired.

     Night cream application: It is common to think that after applying the serum at night, it is not necessary to use a moisturizer to finish the night facial routine. However, this idea is wrong. The Brudy Cosmetics night face cream It will act in synergy with the active ingredients of the serum so we will achieve a complete treatment for the needs of our skin.